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Big Tech Job-Switching Stats

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Companies with recent layoffs have seen a spike in engineers open to new opportunities.

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What are the Big Tech companies where it's most likely to find software engineers looking for new opportunities? Twitter (58% open to new opportunities, January 2023), Amazon (24%), Cisco (21%), Meta (20%), Coinbase (20%), Salesforce (19%), and Uber (18%) are all companies where recruiters might have more luck getting responses than, for example, at Netflix (8%), Databricks (10%), or Stripe (10%).

The numbers are based on queries from LinkedIn, where anyone can set an "open to opportunities" flag which only recruiters can see.

The results also show how software engineer populations have changed across Big Tech between October 2022 and January 2023. Twitter has 33% fewer software engineers, DocuSign has 25% less, Robinhood 24%, and Instacart 19%.

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