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Inside Meta's Push to Solve the Noisy Office

Meta's 'The Cube' in an office environment

Three sides of Meta's cube curve around the desktop. An unattached fourth wall can be moved to provide privacy.

Credit: Carolyn Fong / The Wall Street Journal

Coming to the campuses of Meta Platforms Inc. is a contraption that can block sound, shield workers from their peers, and allow for heads-down, uninterrupted work.

It's a cubicle.

That is, a noise-canceling cubicle designed using some of the same principles found in soundproof, echo-free anechoic chambers. "The Cube," which the company is beginning to roll out to offices after months of development, absorbs sound from multiple directions, says John Tenanes, vice president of global facilities and real estate at Meta.

A major goal is to solve for noisiness. "We realized . . . that folks needed an environment to Zoom, to videoconference, and it's very hard to do in an open office without interrupting other folks," Tenanes says.

From The Wall Street Journal
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