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IT Leaders Fear Malicious Use of ChatGPT by Foreign States

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A majority of respondents say governments have a responsibility to regulate advanced technologies, such as ChatGPT.

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IT leaders are concerned about the potential for malicious use of the ChatGPT chatbot by foreign states, according to a new study.

The survey by Blackberry of 1,500 IT decision makers across North America, the U.K., and Australia found that 72% were worried about its potential for malicious use in cybersecurity. Almost half (48%) believed that a successful cyberattack using the technology could occur within the next year.

 More than half (57%) of IT leaders said the chatbot's ability to write more believable phishing emails was a top concern, along with the rise in attack sophistication (51%) and its ability to accelerate new social engineering attacks (49%).

A January study by WithSecure showed how the GPT-3 model, on which ChatGPT is based, could be used by attackers to tweak phishing emails to be more personal, launching large-scale attacks with bespoke variation.

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