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As Layoffs Spread, Tech Workers Flock to Info-Sharing App

Blind app on a mobile phone

About 3,000 workers at Meta signed up for Blind the day before it announced layoffs.

Credit: Adobe Stock

In the week before Microsoft announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs, thousands of workers at the tech giant who were eager for information about the looming layoffs joined a professional networking site — not LinkedIn, which Microsoft owns, but Blind.

As layoffs have spread across Silicon Valley, Blind has emerged as a lifeline for tech workers seeking information and advice. What sets Blind apart is that it lets employees commune about their workplace anonymously, often leading to more candid discussions about some of America's biggest companies.

Even a year ago, many of the posts on Blind consisted of tech professionals essentially bragging about compensation and stock packages from various household names in the industry. Now, Blind is filled with posts from workers comforting each other about how to get through periods of unemployment.

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