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Layoffs Broke Big Tech's Elite College Hiring Pipeline

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Closing the internship pipeline risks losing the trust of a generation of elite college graduates.

Students who landed coveted internships in big tech assumed the established pipeline of big companies taking their pick of students from elite colleges was a permanent fixture. They were wrong.

In recent months, many former interns and recent grads have found themselves among the thousands of people laid off at the major tech companies. That has prompted many soon-to-be grads, who once assumed they'd easily slide into employment at one of tech's marquee names, to rethink the value of these companies, their own prospects, and in some cases, what they want from their careers.

Yet the fact that layoffs haven't excluded the graduates of the top schools cleanly illustrates an argument that labor experts, computer science professors, and unions have been trying to make for years: The skills required for most of the jobs that power these larger institutions do not actually require degrees from the world's premier computer science programs.

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