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Tech Businesses Hampered by Drawing from Limited Talent Pool

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Hiring predominantly from top-tier universities makes it more difficult to fill entry-level and permanent technology roles.

Businesses are struggling to fill positions and improve the diversity of their tech teams at the entry level due to a continuing prioritization of candidates' academic prestige over their potential, according to a report from Wiley Edge.

The "Diversity in Tech" report reveals that 85% of businesses currently have trouble sourcing a diverse range of tech talent.

The research also shows that many businesses are still recruiting entry-level talent from a very narrow pool. Of those surveyed, 21% said that they exclusively hire graduates from top universities, and a further 39% said that they are more likely to hire graduates from those institutions. Only 28% of businesses say they consider applicants from all universities equally.

Thirty-five percent of businesses that consider all candidates equally said they struggle to recruit entry-level software engineers, compared with 62% of businesses who focus their recruitment on more prestigious universities.

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