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Man Simulates Time Travel Using Generative AI Model

'Stelfie' taking a selfie with the Trojan Horse

Stelfie's travels have included a visit with Ulysses and the Trojan Horse.

Credit: StelfieTT

A social media user known as Stelfie the Time Traveller has been crafting a time-hopping travelogue using generative AI. Thanks to Stable Diffusion and fine-tuning, the artist has created a fictional photorealistic character that he inserts into faux historical photographs set in different eras, such as ancient Egypt or the time of the dinosaurs.

Stable Diffusion is a deep learning image synthesis model that allows people to create fictional scenes using text descriptions.

So far, "Stelfie" has taken historical selfies during the ice age (being chased by a woolly mammoth), in ancient Egypt (during construction of the pyramids), in ancient Greece (with the Trojan Horse), in the old West, and elsewhere.

The anonymous artist detailed some of the process he uses in several Reddit comments.

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