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Hour Of Code Goes Into Space

Astronaut Jessica Watkins aboard the International Space Station

"NASA needs astronauts, scientists, and engineers to power the STEM Workforce for the betterment of all humanity," astronaut Jessica Watkins says in a video.

Credit:'s Hour of Code, which starts this year on December 5, has gone extra-terrestrial with an hour-long feature about computer science in space beamed from aboard the International Space Station.

"We need more young people who are skilled in computer science — in the art of how to code — as we build the computers and infrastructure to take us beyond local Earth orbit to destinations like the moon, an asteroid, or Mars," astronaut Rick Mastracchio says in a video filmed aboard the ISS.

Started in 2013, Hour of Code has been backed by tech leaders, pop idols, and world class athletes supporting the cause of giving every student in every school the opportunity to get an introduction to what can be achieved by code. The program has reached over 1.5 billion students across more than 180 countries to date, and 57,547 events have been registered for 2022.

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