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You're Going Back to the Office. Your Boss Isn't

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"Management was always privileged, this is just a new way of showing that," one worker said.

Many managers, from middle management to the C-suite, are continuing to work remotely, but at the same time are calling their employees back to the office. Employees are getting angry and fighting back by not showing up to the office or looking for work elsewhere.

Some 80 percent of executive jobs are currently available remotely, according to executive search firm Cowen Partners. That's up from about 25 percent pre-pandemic. Many of these executives cite being fully capable of working from home on technology like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, and say doing so enables them to work odd hours and communicate with colleagues in different time zones while maintaining work-life balance.

Meanwhile, more than half of managers and executives want their employees back in the office five days a week, according to survey data from freelance platform Fiverr.

Office workers say they want to continue working remotely for the same reasons as executives: they're more productive and have better work-life balance. They also cite avoiding hours-long commutes or depending on expensive and unreliable child care.

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