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These Remote Tech Workers Secretly Juggle Multiple Jobs

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Having a second job could be a breach of contract.

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At 9 am every weekday, Abel clocks in from a private office he recently started renting in Chicago. He isn't working one, but four full-time jobs in secret, all for enterprise startups. His combined annual salary is $680,000.

He started juggling jobs on the sly a year ago, when he realized he was completing tasks to a higher quality and at a faster pace than his colleagues. "I figured taking a second job was a good way to get ahead of the curve," says the 35-year-old.

In the solitude of their home offices, employees are able to work far more flexibly than before the pandemic. Some are able to accept and juggle multiple roles.

The burgeoning Reddit community r/Overemployed, a community of 92,300 members that fields advice and tips on how to juggle jobs without anyone noticing, shows how workers freed from their offices are able to operate under the radar.

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