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U.S. Teen Donates Nearly 1,000 Computers to Fight the Digital Divide

Palette of systems donated to CTD by the Computer Technology and Resource Center

ClosingTheDivide accepts and can refurbish systems from companies, individuals, and nonprofits to prepare them for donation.

Credit: Ayush Agarwal

U.S. high schooler Ayush Agarwal, 17, is co-founder of nonprofit ClosingTheDivide, which mobilizes the donations of computers to low-income families across the U.S. and globally, and provides coding classes for students to increase digital literacy.

Launched in March 2021, CTD now has a presence in over 29 countries and U.S. states, with over 950 computers donated, and 10 computer labs constructed or in construction. 

"CTD is tackling digital inequity and divide by providing low-income families and schools with devices, Internet, and digital literacy access, so that they can succeed in the future, especially in STEM roles," Agarwal says.

Then there is the digital literacy divide. "We supplement our device donations with teaching basic STEM skills, teaching basic computer skills, and getting people excited about coding, about engineering, and other science fields. So, they're using that device to get a high quality job," Agarwal says.

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