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Companies That Take Political Stands Find It Harder to Recruit Top Talent

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Respondents said they would be discouraged from applying at a company that takes public political positions that differ from their own.

Credit: University of Iowa

Companies that take political stands may find it harder to hire top talent because job seekers consider those positions and are less likely to apply at a company that doesn't share their views, according to Chad Van Iddekinge, professor of management at the University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business, who recently surveyed more than 300 working professionals seeking new employment.

Fifty-eight percent of survey respondents said a potential employer's political views were somewhat important; another 36% said they were strongly important. Thirty-four percent said they would withdraw an application if they found out they disagreed with an employer's political positions after submitting a resume.

Fifty-four percent said they would be less likely to accept an offer from an employer they discovered had opposing political views after they applied.

From The University of Iowa
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