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Making Art Through Computation

Photorythm portrait by Chelsi Cocking

Chelsi Cocking applied computational methods to create artistic works of photographic portraiture.

Credit: Chelsi Cocking

Chelsi Cocking is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the human body with the help of computers. For her work, she develops sophisticated software to use as her artistic tools, including facial detection techniques, body tracking software, and machine learning algorithms.

In college, she studied computational media at Georgia Tech, where she learned to develop technology for computer-based media, such as animation and graphics. She quickly fell in love with the medium of computational art.

After graduation, she sought out online courses at the School for Poetic Computation, while still keeping her day job. Soon everything clicked: "This is what I want to do," she says.

Through the school, Cocking heard that her current advisor, Zach Lieberman, an adjunct associate professor in MIT Media Lab, had an opening in his Future Sketches research group. Now, she spends each day exploring new ideas for making art through computation. "Fun is enough justification for my research," she says.

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