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Tech Hiring Is Still Bonkers

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The market for tech talent is so hot that even job recruitment specialists are being headhunted.

The technology industry is filled with frowny faces right now. Stock and cryptocurrency prices are sinking and anxiety is up. It feels as though each day brings news of some tech company or start-up laying off workers or putting hiring on hold. I

The pain is real for people who lose their jobs, but behind it is a bigger picture: The job market at technology companies, and for people with high-tech skills, is on fire and staying that way — at least for now.

U.S. unemployment rates for high-tech jobs range from dinky to nonexistent. As soon as one company announces layoffs or hiring freezes for people with those skills, ZipRecruiter sees other employers searching to find and recruit them, according to Julia Pollak, a labor economist with the career website. On average, each tech worker looking for a job is fielding more than two employment offers, says the staffing firm Robert Half.

From The New York Times
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