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Using Desserts To Decode Computer Science

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the 'duck' icon gate and flavorings in the Logic Bonbon system

Logic Bonbon creates different favor outcomes depending on the logic function and favor inputs.

Research from Monash University views food itself as a material of computation that can help demonstrate the basic building blocks of computer science.

Logic Bonbon offers a food experience that combines the application of logic operations with edible materials in the creation of a liquid-centered dessert. "We have attempted to design a dish where the computation is conducted via fluid-induced logic functions," the researchers say in their published work.

A system includes a pre-made hollow bonbon and the option of three different "logic gates" and four  possible favor outcomes for the bonbon.

Testers of the Logic Bonbon "tangibly experience and learn about logic operations and are essentially creating a mini edible computer that requires an input, performs computation, and results in different combinations of outputs while displaying different emoticons and flavors, allowing to the user to experience what computation 'tastes' like," says author Jialin Deng of the Exertion Games Lab at Monash University.

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