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Mathematical Shortcut Estimates Quantum Coherence Time

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Tohoku University's Shun Kanai and Yuichiro Abe working in a lab

Tohoku University Assistant Professor Shun Kanai and graduate student Yuichiro Abe work in a lab exploring materials that could serve as new spin qubits.

Credit: Tohoku University

Scientists have uncovered a mathematical shortcut for calculating an all-important feature of quantum devices.

Having crunched the numbers on the quantum properties of 12,000 elements and compounds, researchers have published a new equation for approximating the length of time the materials can maintain quantum information, called ​"coherence time." The formula allows scientists to estimate the materials' coherence times in an instant.

The team of scientists from Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago, Tohoku University in Japan, and Ajou University in Korea present their work in "Generalized Scaling of Spin Qubit Coherence in Over 12,000Host Materials," published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

​"This opens opportunities for researchers to find the next generation of qubit materials by themselves," says  co-author Shun Kanai, an assistant professor at Tohoku University.

From Argonne National Laboratory
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