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Group of Top Companies Moves to Combat AI Bias in Hiring

Data & Trust Alliance logo

Alliance members will integrate the group's Algorithmic Bias Safeguards into their processes.

Credit: Data & Trust Alliance

More than a dozen of the largest corporations in America are joining an effort to prevent artificial intelligence software used by human resources departments from delivering biased results that could perpetuate or worsen past discrimination.

The Data & Trust Alliance has developed an evaluation and scoring system for AI software, and has signed up major employers that have agreed to adopt its anti-bias tool kit.

"This is not just adopting principles, but actually implementing something concrete," says Kenneth Chenault, co-chairman of the group and a former chief executive of American Express, which has agreed to adopt responsible data and AI practices.

The companies are responding to concerns, backed by ample research, that AI programs can inadvertently produce biased results.

From The New York Times
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