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Technology Exposes 'Liars' Through Examination of Facial Muscles

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lie detector machine spells the word 'lies'

Credit: Getty Images

Technology developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University detected 73% of the lies told by trial participants based on the contraction of their facial muscles, a higher rate of detection than any known method.

The study was founded upon an innovation from the laboratory of Professor Yael Hanein of of TAU's Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: stickers printed on soft surfaces containing electrodes that monitor and measure the activity of muscles and nerves.

The technology is described in "Lie to My Face: An Electromyography Approach to the Study of Deceptive Behavior," published in the journal Brain and Behavior.

"Using advanced machine learning techniques, we trained our program to identify lies based on EMG [electromyography] signals coming from the electrodes," says Professor Dino Levy from TAU's Coller School of Management. "Applying this method, we achieved an accuracy of 73%, much better than any existing technology."

From Tel Aviv University
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