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Developers Reveal the Programming Languages They Love, and the Ones They Dread

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Over 80,000 developers from 181 countries voted on their favorite technologies for Stack Overflow's 2021 Developer Survey, and 86.69% identified the Mozilla-hatched Rust programming language as their most "loved" language, a status it's held for the past six years.

Developers were asked what language they worked with in the past year and what language they want to work with next year. They were also asked which they worked with in the past year but don't want to work with next year. 

The top 10 "most loved" languages in descending order are: Rust, Clojure, TypeScript, Elixir, Julia, Python, Dart, Swift, Node.js, and Go.

While C remains a widely used language, more developers dreaded it (66%) than loved it (39.56%). Languages that are "dreaded" more than "loved" include C++, Delphi, Java, R, PowerShell, PHP, Perl, Assembly, Groovy, Objective-C, Matlab, VBA, and COBOL. Not all developers get to choose what language they'll be working with, but the data suggest which they may try to avoid in the future.

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