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84% of Tech Workers Report Their Products Aren't Inclusive

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Credit: VentureBeat

Research on inclusivity in tech reveals that 84% of all tech employees acknowledge their products are not inclusive, according to "The Key to Designing Inclusive Tech: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Tech Teams," a report from the Capgemini Research Institute. The firm also found stark differences between the opinions of leadership executives and underrepresented employees including women and "ethnic minorities" regarding inclusion practices.

When presented with positive statements meant to evaluate equity and inclusivity, executives overwhelmingly felt the statements were true for their organizations, while very few underrepresented employees felt similarly. For example, 85% of executive leaders said they believe their organizations provide equitable opportunities for career development and promotions to every employee, but only 18% of the underrepresented employees agreed.

Organizations with advanced inclusive practices are four times more likely to create inclusive products, according to Capgemini. "When tech teams themselves are not inclusive, or when tech team members do not even feel a sense of belonging, the design suffers," says Elizabeth Kiehner, vice president of enterprise transformation at Capgemini Invent.

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