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One Researcher's Mission to Encourage Reproducibility in Machine Learning

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Credit: TechTalks

On February 14, a researcher who was frustrated with reproducing the results of a machine learning research paper opened up a Reddit account under the username ContributionSecure14 and posted to the r/MachineLearning subreddit: "I just spent a week implementing a paper as a baseline and failed to reproduce the results. I realized today after googling for a bit that a few others were also unable to reproduce the results. Is there a list of such papers? It will save people a lot of time and effort."

The post struck a nerve with other users on r/MachineLearning, the largest Reddit community for machine learning.

The next day, ContributionSecure14 created "Papers Without Code," a website that aims to create a centralized list of machine learning papers that are not implementable.

"My hope is that this incentivizes a healthier ML research culture around not publishing unreproducible work," ContributionSecure14 wrote on r/MachineLearning.

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