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College Kid's Fake, AI-Generated Blog Fooled Tens of Thousands

image on Liam Porr's Twitter account

Liam Porr, a computer science student at the University of California, Berkeley, used the GPT-3 language-generating tool created by OpenAI to produce an entirely fake blog under a fake name.

It was meant as a fun experiment. But then one of his posts found its way to the number-one spot on Hacker News. Few people noticed that his blog was completely AI-generated.

The case illustrates the tool's potential. What stood out most about the experience. Porr says, "It was super easy, actually, which was the scary part."

Porr had submitted an application for GPT-3 to OpenAI, but also reached out to the Berkeley AI community and found a Ph.D. student who already had access.

"From the time that I thought of the idea and got in contact with the Ph.D. student to me actually creating the blog and the first blog going viral — it took maybe a couple of hours," he says.

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