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Two Princeton University Computer Science Professors To Lead Google AI Lab

Google AI office space, Princeton, NJ

Google will open an AI laboratory in January at Palmer Square in Princeton, N.J.

Credit: Princeton University

Princeton University computer science professors Elad Hazan and Yoram Singer will lead a Google artificial intelligence lab that is scheduled to open in January in Princeton.

"Computing started at Princeton more than 80 years ago when alumnus Alan Turing first introduced a theory for how machines could calculate," said Emily Carter, dean of the Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science. "This collaboration is another excellent example of how fundamental insights in mathematics and theoretical computer science drive new technologies with benefits far beyond the original domain of the work."

The facility will will start with a small number of faculty members, graduate and undergraduate student researchers, recent graduates, and software engineers. The work will focus on a discipline within artificial intelligence known as machine learning.

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