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U.S. Army Research Lab Reveals Top 10 Coolest Advances from 2018

exosuit testing at U.S. Army Research Laboratory

The U.S Army Research Laboratory evaluates a futuristic soft exosuit.

Credit: USAASC

The U.S. Army's corporate research laboratory has the mission to discover, innovate, and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power. The lab's chief scientist, Alexander Kott, handpicked the "coolest" advances to showcase what Army scientists and engineers are doing to support the soldier of the future:

Number 10: Transporting quantum information with minimum distortions
Number 9: Ultra-broadband super-sensitive atomic antenna
Number 8: Brain-like computer solves super-complex problems
Number 7: Peeking inside a gas turbine's combustor with a strong X-ray
Number 6: Cool coating stops attacks of sand
Number 5: A super-hero nanocrystalline alloy
Number 4: Extreme power for jumping robots
Number 3: New explosive is more powerful than TNT and safer
Number 2: Humans teach artificially intelligent agents
Number 1: Taming the atom

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