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3 Reasons Students Aren't Into Computer Science – Yet

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Many students go through their entire high school career without being exposed to computer science—a rapidly growing field of study that is an important key to opening doors to jobs at tech giants.

For several years now, researchers have been conducting studies to find the relationship between students and their relatively low interest in computer science. Through my own research, I have isolated three reasons as to why students are not interested in computer science (CS).

  • Exposure can mean lots of things. A 2018 study, which looked at the factors that influence students to pursue CS degrees in higher education found that, "Exposure to problem solving, programming, online self-learning, and internships appeared to be important positive influences."
  • Support from family, friends, teachers, and mentors is crucial to a student's success in CS, according to several students interviewed. "I have quite a few friends who study and work in computer-related subjects. They told me about what they were learning, so I want to do that," one student said.
  • Many students think of computer science as an activity where one sits in front of a computer screen all day in the darkness, typing away. Students need to have CS explained to them in a way that will relate with their passions and interests. They also need the access and opportunity to CS equipment in order to develop first-hand experiences with CS projects.

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