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52 Percent of Tech Employees Believe Their Work Environment is Toxic

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A survey asked tech employees if they have a positive work environment or a toxic work environment. Users were asked to answer 'True' or 'False' to one statement: I consider my current workplace a healthy working environment.

A total of 12,549 answered the survey, with 52.34% answering  "False" versus 47.66% answering  "True."

The results were broken down by companies with at least 100 employee responses. The finding show:

Intel led the way with 48.57% of employees answering that their workplace environment is not healthy.

Others unhealthy workplace were Amazon (46.56% said 'False' to "healthy") and eBay (44.55%). Ratings for Facebook were 35.23%, Apple was 32.75%, and Google 23.77%.

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