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'Flippy,' the Fast Food Robot, Temporarily Decommissioned for Being Too Slow

Flippy the robot flipping burgers

Flippy in action. Patrons at Caliburger on Thursday were greeted by a sign advising them that Flippy would be "cooking soon."

After a single day of working as a cook at a Caliburger location in Pasadena this week, Flippy the burger-flipping robot has stopped flipping.

Inundated with customers eager to see the machine in action this week, Cali Group, which runs the fast food chain, quickly realized the robot couldn't keep up with demand. They decided instead to retrain the restaurant staff to work more efficiently alongside Flippy, according to USA Today.

Temporarily decommissioned, patrons encountered a sign Thursday noting that Flippy would be "cooking soon," the paper reported. The robot, a specialized industrial six-axis robotic arm bolted to the kitchen floor, was supposed to work lunchtime shifts at the international burger chain.

From The Washington Post
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