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If an AI Doesn't Take Your Job, It Will Design Your Office

AI office

Team Territories:Human design usually aligns work areas at regular angles to one another, such as 90 degrees. The software chose 107 degrees instead, which allowed for the media group (light orange) to open toward sunnier windows with better views (rated highly in team surveys), while assigning the product design group (yellow) a low-traffic area with less natural light that's also near the workshop. Don't worry, there's a back-alley pass-through between the two to boost the score for "adjacency."

Credit: Chris Philpot

Arranging employees in an office is like creating a 13-dimensional matrix that triangulates human wants, corporate needs, and the cold hard laws of physics: Joe needs to be near Jane but Jane needs natural light, and Jim is sensitive to smells and can't be near the kitchen but also needs to work with the product ideation and customer happiness team—oh, and Jane hates fans.

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