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Top 10 Recession-Proof It Jobs

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Credit: Computerworld

While no IT role is completely recession-proof, there are a number of IT roles that have consistently been in high demand over the last five years and are expected to play an important role in the foreseeable future. By examining data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics dating back to 2009, it's possible to track where job growth in the IT market has managed to outpace hiring freezes, layoffs, and the growing popularity of using IT contractors. For now, some of the most popular IT jobs include Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Systems Administrator.

One popular role continues to be Systems Engineer, which refers to IT workers who design, implement, and troubleshoot IT systems. Some focus more on hardware or software, but understanding both areas is what makes these individuals special. Their bottom-line goal is to build and implement efficient engineering project that can handle the organization's needs both at present and in the future. Project Manager made the list at #2. Project managers combine time-management and resource-management skills with the tech skills needed to orchestrate IT teams. Legacy systems need updating, existing systems need improvements and, most importantly, organizations need to move forward to meet business goals.

Earning the #3 spot on the list is Systems Administrator. These IT pros work to keep all the internal infrastructure, systems, and servers that underlie a digital business working smoothly. Network Engineers, ranked #4, focus their time on creating and maintaining internal infrastructures, networks, and LAN/WAN. With everything going digital, more and more networks are required to keep the necessary flow of business data moving. Business Analysts, ranked #5, bridge the gap between technology and business goals. They deal in strategy, analysis, and processes in an effort to use available technologies to further business objectives, improve workflows, or improve customer experience. Other roles in demand include: Systems Architect; IT Systems Analyst; Developer; and Software Testing Engineer.

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