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What the Recruiter's Really Asking You During the Interview

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Credit: Massachusetts Employment Law Attorneys

During a job interview, there are ten key questions that will determine whether you pass through to the next stage of the hiring process. The recruiter or HR employee will determine if you're the right fit for the job if you can prove that you can do the job, that you have the motivation to do the job, and that you will fit in with the company culture. By asking "the question behind the question," hiring managers have a better chance to making the right hiring decision. As job seekers, your task is to answer them honestly and fully. With that in mind, here are the top questions that the interviewer might ask, along with the hidden agenda behind each one.

As you reflect back on your last position, what was missing that you are looking for in your next role? This question gets at the heart of why you're leaving the current job or, in the case of a reduction in workforce, it helps the interviewer understand what was missing. What qualities of your last boss did you admire, and what qualities did you dislike? This is precarious territory because your answer needs to have a balance of positive and negative feedback. It will show if you are tactful in answering a tricky question and if your leadership style is congruent with the admired or disliked ones. How do you like to be rewarded for good performance? As simple as this question is, it helps the interviewer get a sense of what motivates you, whether it is money, time off or more formal recognition. If you're interviewing for a management role, the follow-up question could be: How do you reward the good performance of employees who work for you? The interviewer is looking for congruency in behaviors, because if you don't practice what you preach, then it might not be a cultural fit.

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