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Communications of the ACM


Some Thoughts on Technophilia
From Apophenia

Some Thoughts on Technophilia

The New Media Consortium is hosting a Symposium for the Future October 27-29. I was asked to write a few thoughts that might provoke conversation in preparation...

What Good are Mashups Anyway?
From The Eponymous Pickle

What Good are Mashups Anyway?

Interesting piece on the nature of mashups. Oddly I have seen less about the idea of late, but think its a good concept. " ... A new breed of Web-based data integration...

Election 2008: E-Voting Poses Problems, But No Meltdown
From U.S. Public Policy Committee of the ACM

Election 2008: E-Voting Poses Problems, But No Meltdown

While some federal races remain too close to call, or are headed to runoffs, the 2008 election is notable for the lack of a dispute over election machines that...
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