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dateMore Than a Year Ago
subjectPerformance And Reliability

From Computational Complexity

Fashionable Research

A student asks "How do you survive in the academic world if what you want to do is not fashionable?"   You shouldn't necessarily focus your research on the currently...

From Computational Complexity


I recently heard or read the following phrases. former cop killer ideal compromiser even prime numbers have their uses In each case it was ambiguous...

From Computational Complexity

The Mystique of the Open Problem

The story goes that Andrew Wiles dreamt of proving Fermat's last theorem when he was a kid. No surprise since all of us math-loving kids dreamed of solving this...

What Good are Mashups Anyway?
From The Eponymous Pickle

What Good are Mashups Anyway?

Interesting piece on the nature of mashups. Oddly I have seen less about the idea of late, but think its a good concept. " ... A new breed of Web-based data integration...

FOWA Dublin 2009 Recap
From Springenwerk Blog

FOWA Dublin 2009 Recap

I think there are 2 letters to sum up this event: OK. Content-wise, it was between OK and great. The organization of the event was terrible, though: The venue was...
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