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From Computational Complexity

Trump, Facebook, and ComplexityBlog

 I care about the Facebook decision to ban Trump, but I do not have a strong opinion about it. I have heard arguments on both sides now, from up and down, and still...

From Computational Complexity

The Mythical Man-Month, Hen-Day, and Cat-Minute (Fred Brooks Turned 90)

 The Mythical Man-Month is a great book which talks about the (obvious in retrospect) fact that putting more people on a project may slow it down. It was by Fred...

From Computational Complexity

Ferrer's Diagrams can be used to prove X theorems about partitions. What is X?

1978: I took an excellent  ugrad course in combinatorics from James C Frauenthal (he sometimes wrote his name as the biniomial cofficient (J choose F))  and hehere...

From Computational Complexity

An Investment Puzzle and Speculation as to Why Some Think it's Hard

 This is a Guest Post by David Marcus. He gives a puzzle and its solution, which is interesting, and then speculates as to why some people get it wrong.  ---...
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