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From Computational Complexity

Would you be more productive if you didn't log on? It worked for Christopher Havens!

There are times when NOT having computer access (is that possible anymore?) can make you MORE productive. 1) I did a lot of my Muffin Work when I was in MexicoTexas...

From Computational Complexity

Who first thought of the notion of Polynomial Time?

(Updated version of  Computational Intractability: A Guide to Algorithmic Lower Bound by Demaine-Gasarch-Hajiaghayi is here)Any question like who first though of...

From Computational Complexity

Euclidean TSP is NP-hard but not known to be in NP. Why not known?

BILL: Lance, I was looking into TSP, metric TSP, Euclidean TSP since I am going to teach about P, NP, NPC, and approximating NPC problems and I came across theThe...

From Computational Complexity

Does the Physics Nobel Prize Winner understand their own work (guest post)

 David Marcus was a Math major a year ahead of my at SUNY Stonybrook (he graduated in 1979,I graduated in 1980). He then got a PhD from MIT in Math, and is a reader...
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