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From Computational Complexity

New Upper Bound on R(k). WOW!

 R(k) is the least n such that for all 2-colorings of the edges of \(K_n\) there is a monochromatic \(K_k\)(so there are k vertices such that the coloring restricted...

From Computational Complexity

Problems we assume are hard. Are they?

 We think SAT is hard because (1) its NPC, and (2) many years of effort have failed to get it into P. Imagine a world where we didn't have the Cook-Levin Theorem...

From Computational Complexity

I wish we had less students in a Class. Demographics says I may get my wish.

 According to this article, in the near future LESS people will be going to college. There is even a name for this upcoming shift: The Enrollment Cliff. Why?Ishere...
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