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From Computational Complexity

Is the following reaction to getting the first COVID shot logical?

 Alice works at a charity that puts together bag and box lunches for children.They all wear masks and they are 12 feet apart and very careful, and nobody thereI...

From Computational Complexity

Do any NP-reductions use deep mathematics? Non-rhetically

BILL: Lets say we didn't know that FACTORING NPC --> NP=coNP.then what direction would we think Factoring in P or NPC?  STUDENT: In P. After all, Number Theory...

From Computational Complexity

The key to my Taylor series problem: Buddy can you spare a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter

 In my last blog post I posed a question about finding the coeff of x^100 in a particular Taylor Series. The question and answer are given  here:The key to the...

From Computational Complexity

A Taylor Series Problem

 I post a problem today and its solution on Thursday.Comments are fine, though if you don't want to get a hint, don't read them. Find the coefficient of x100 in...

From Computational Complexity

I didn't understand The Art Market before the NFT sale, and I understand it less now

 (This post is a sequel to my post from Feb 13, 2007 which you can find here. While the gap from 2007 until 2021 seems large, its not as long as the gap between...
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