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About Communications

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief  Andrew A. Chien
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University of Chicago
Argonne National Laboratory
Deputy to the Editor-in-Chief Lihan Chen
Senior Editor Moshe Y. Vardi
Co-chair William Pulleyblank United States Military Academy at West Point
Co-chair Marc Snir University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Mei Kobayashi NTT Communications
  Michael D. Mitzenmacher Harvard University
  Rajeev Rastogi
  Francois Sillion INRIA
  Monica Divitini Norway's Technical and Natural Sciences University
Co-chair Tim Finin University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Co-chair Susanne E. Hambrusch Purdue University
Co-chair John Leslie King University of Michigan
Co-chair Paul Rosenbloom University of Southern California
  Stefan Bechtold ETH Zurich
  Michael L. Best Georgia Tech
  Judith Bishop Stellenbosch University
  Andrew W. Cross IBM Research
  Michael A. Cusumano Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Mark Guzdial Georgia Institute of Technology
  Haym Hirsh Cornell University
  Richard E. Ladner University of Washington
  Carl E. Landwehr George Washington University
  Beng Chin Ooi National University of Singapore
  Francesca Rossi University of Padova
    IBM Research
  Pamela Samuelson University of California, Berkeley
  Leonard J. Shustek Computer History Museum
  Loren Terveen University of Minnesota
  Marshall Van Alstyne Boston University
  Jeannette Wing Columbia University
  Susan J. Winter University of Maryland
Co-Chair Stephen Bourne  Rally Ventures
Co-Chair Theo Schlossnagle OmniTI
  Eric Allman University of California, Berkeley
  Samy Bahra Backtrace I/O
  Peter Bailis Stanford University
  Terry Coatta Marine Learning Systems
  Stuart I. Feldman University of Michigan
  Nicole Forsgren DevOps Research and Assessment
  Camille Fournier  
  Benjamin Fried Morgan Stanley
  Pat Hanrahan Stanford University
  Tom Killalea  
  Thomas A. Limoncelli Stack Exchange Inc.
  Kate Matsudaira Urban Influence
  Marshall Kirk McKusick Marshall Kirk McKusick Consultancy
  Erik Meijer Applied Duality Inc.
  George Neville-Neil Neville-Neil Consulting
  James H. Waldo Harvard University  
  Meredith Whittaker Google  
Contributed Articles / Review Articles
Co-chair James Larus Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Co-chair Gail C. Murphy University of British Columbia
  William Aiello University of British Columbia
  Robert D. Austin Ivey Business School
  Kim B. Bruce Pomona College
  Alan Bundy University of Edinburgh
  Peter Buneman University of Edinburgh
  Carl Gutwin University of Saskatchewan
  Yannis Ioannidis University of Athens
  Gal A. Kaminka Bar-Ilan University
  Ashish Kapoor Microsoft Research
  Kristin Lauter Microsoft Research
  Igor Markov University of Michigan
  Bernhard Nebel Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  Lionel M. Ni University of Macau
  Adrian Perrig ETH Zürich
  Marie-Christine Rousset Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble
  Krishan Sabnani Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs
  m.c. schrafel University of Southampton
  Ron Shamir Tel Aviv University
  Alexander J. Smola Amazon
    Carnegie Mellon University
  Josep Torrellas University of Illinois
  Sebastián Uchitel University of Buenos Aires
  Hannes Werthner Vienna University of Technology
  Reinhard Wilhelm Saarland University
Research Highlights
Co-Chair Azer Bestavros Boston University
Co-Chair Shriram Krishnamurthi Brown University
  Martin Abadi University of California, Santa Cruz
  Sanjeev Arora Princeton University
  Michael Backes Saarland University
  Maria-Florina Balcan Carnegie Mellon University
  David Brooks Harvard University
  Stuart K. Card Palo Alto Research Center
  Jon Crowcroft University of Cambridge
  Amr El Abbadi University of California, Santa Barbara
  Alexei (Alyosha) Efros University of California, Berkeley
  Bryan Ford Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
  Alon Y. Halevy Recruit Institute of Technology
  Gernot Heiser University of New South Wales
  Takeo Igarashi University of Tokyo
  Sven Koenig University of Southern California
  Tim Roughgarden Stanford University
  Guy L. Steele Jr. Oracle Labs
  Robert C. Williamson Australian National University
  Margaret H. Wright New York University
  Nickolai Zeldovich Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Andreas Zeller Saarland University
Special Sections
Co-Chair Sriram Rajamani Microsoft Research India
  David Padua University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Kenjiro Taura University of Tokyo
  Tao Xie University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chair James A. Landay Stanford University
  Marti Hearst University of California, Berkeley
  Jason I. Hong Carnegie Mellon University
  Jeff Johnson UI Wizards Inc.
    Wiser Usability Inc.
  Wendy E. MacKay INRIA Futurs


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