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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Hadoop Superlinear Scalability

The perpetual motion of parallel performance.

Sketch-Thru-Plan: A Multimodal Interface for Command and Control

Speaking military jargon, users can create labels and draw symbols to position objects on digitized maps.

Molecular Moonshots

Synthetic biologists may be closing in on potentially world-changing breakthroughs, but they are often hamstrung by a...

Secure-System Designers Strive to Stem Data Leaks

Attackers using side-channel analysis require little knowledge of how an implementation operates.

Who Builds a House without Drawing Blueprints?

Finding a better solution by thinking about the problem and its solution, rather than just thinking about the code.

Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid

In this paper, we demonstrate that state-of-the-art edge-aware filters can be achieved with standard Laplacian pyramids.

Python for Beginners

A survey found the language in use in introductory programming classes in the top U.S. computer science schools.

Car Talk

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is coming. Are we ready for it?

Automating Organic Synthesis

A machine that could create organic molecules on demand awaits appropriate software and analytical components.