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Communications of the ACM

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Is Multicore Hardware for General-Purpose Parallel Processing Broken?

The current generation of general-purpose multicore hardware must be fixed to support more application domains and to...

small data, where n = me

Seeking personalized data-derived insights from analysis of our digital traces.

Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation

Changing an object's shape is a basic operation in computer graphics. Our goal is to make the design and control of d...

Speech-to-Speech Translations Stutter, But Researchers See Mellifluous Future

The practical need for accurate instant or simultaneous machine translations continues to grow as applications multiply.

Scaling Existing Lock-Based Applications with Lock Elison from CACM on Vimeo.

Scaling Existing Lock-based Applications with Lock Elision

Enabling existing lock-based programs to achieve performance benefits of nonblocking synchronization.

World Without Wires

Capturing electricity from ambient RF transmissions can keep low-power applications off the grid.

Playing at Health

Developers try to tap the beneficial effects of video games.

Battery-Free Technology Brings Gesture Recognition to All Devices

University of Washington computer scientists have built a low-cost gesture recognition system that runs without batt...

Should Everybody Learn to Code?

Not everyone needs coding skills, but learning how to think like a programmer can be useful in many disciplines.