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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Robots Compete in Disaster Scenarios

The DARPA Robotics Challenge pitted teams from around the world against each other in a series of disaster-themed tasks.

Holographic Projection Systems Provide Eternal Life

Optical tricks help deceased entertainers keep on performing.

Your Phone as Quake Detector.

Community Sense and Response Systems: Your Phone as Quake Detector

The Caltech CSN project collects sensor data from thousands of personal devices for real-time response to dangerous e...

The Rise of RaaS: The Resource-as-a-Service Cloud

In the RaaS cloud, virtual machines trade in fine-grain resources on the fly.

Leslie Lamport, recipient of the 2013 ACM A.M. Turing Award.

General Agreement

Leslie Lamport contributed to the theory and practice of building distributed computing systems that work as intended.

Visualizations Make Big Data Meaningful

New techniques are designed to translate "invisible numbers" into visible images.

Beyond Data and Analysis

Why business analytics and big data really matter for modern business organizations.

Neuromorphic Computing Gets Ready for the (Really) Big Time

A technology inspired by biological principles but 'steamrolled for decades' prepares to take off as Moore's Law appr...

Change Generation | Skylar Tibbits from BFD Productions, LLC. .

Time for a Change

4D printing combines the dimension of time with the hope of building objects with new capabilities.