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Communications of the ACM

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Distributed Information Processing in Biological and Computational Systems.

Distributed Information Processing in Biological and Computational Systems

Exploring the similarities and differences between distributed computations in biological and computational systems.

Data Brokers Are Watching You

You would be surprised by how much they know about you, and what they are doing with your information.

Smart Transportation Networks Drive Gains

Transportation engineers and city planners are looking to information technology to redefine traffic management in ur...

Sensors for Seniors

In-home technologies are helping seniors stay aware, healthy, and in touch.

Intelligent Living

After years of false starts, the smart home is gaining momentum.

Computationally Modeling Human Emotion

Computer models of emotion inform theories of human intelligence and advance human-centric applications.

Human-Agent Collectives

HACs offer a new science for exploring the computational and human aspects of society.

Keeping Online Reviews Honest

As online reviews become increasingly important to e-commerce and social media sites, computer scientists work on way...

Computing What Fits

New apps and pods improve the virtual and actual retail experiences by ensuring clothing and cosmetics look good on y...