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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

What Makes Paris Look Like Paris?

Given a large repository of geo-tagged imagery, we seek to automatically find visual elements, for example windows, b...

Personalizing Maps

Digital maps can be engineered to adapt to a person's unique interests and experience in geographic space.

When Data Is Not Enough

Reproducibility of code is increasingly crucial to verifying scientific claims.

Technology Brings Online Education in Line with Campus Programs

Whether sitting in front of a screen or in a classroom, online and campus-based institutions want to verify students ...

Fail at Scale

Reliability in the face of rapid change

It Probably Works

Probabilistic algorithms are all around us. Not only are they acceptable, some programmers actually seek out chances ...

Information Cartography

A metro map can tell a story, as well as provide good directions.

Why People Post Benevolent and Malicious Comments Online

Explaining motivations for online comments, this study looks to help establish a positive, nonthreatening online comm...

Hidden In-Game Intelligence in NBA Players' Tweets

Sentiment analysis helps detect NBA players' pre-game moods from their tweets and predict their on-court performance.

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