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Pure Randomness Extracted from Two Poor Sources

Developments from several disparate areas of computer science provide "a huge jump, both technically and also qu...

Cell-Graphs: Image-Driven Modeling of Structure-Function Relationship

Cell-graph construction methods are best served when physics-driven and data-driven paradigms are joined.

Creating Connection with Autonomous Facial Animation

Biologically based computational modeling promises virtual characters capable of face-to-face human interaction.

Software-Defined Batteries

In this paper, we present a new hardware-software system, called Software Defined Battery, which allows system design...

Extracting 3D Objects from Photographs Using 3-Sweep

We introduce an interactive technique to extract and manipulate simple 3D shapes in a single photograph.

Can We Trust Autonomous Weapons?

Nations consider using defense systems that can make their own lethal decisions.

Sex as an Algorithm: The Theory of Evolution Under the Lens of Computation

Looking at the mysteries of evolution from a computer science point of view yields some unexpected insights.

Rethinking Security for Internet Routing

Combine simple whitelisting technology, notably prefix filtering, in most BGP-speaking routers with weaker cryptograp...

A Brief Chronology of Medical Device Security

With the implantation of software-driven devices comes unique privacy and security threats to the human body.

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