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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Inverse Privacy

Seeking a market-based solution to the problem of a person's unjustified inaccessibility to their private information.

The Rise of Social Bots

Today's social bots are sophisticated and sometimes menacing. Indeed, their presence can endanger online ecosystems a...

Legal Advice on the Smartphone

New apps help individuals contest traffic, parking tickets.

Graph Matching in Theory and Practice

A theoretical breakthrough in graph isomorphism excites complexity experts, but will it lead to any practical improve...

Accelerating Search

The latest in machine learning helps high-energy physicists handle the enormous amounts of data produced by the Large...

An Interview with Yale Patt

ACM Fellow Professor Yale Patt reflects on his career in industry and academia.

The Key to Privacy

40 years ago, Whitfield Diffie and Martin E. Hellman introduced the public key cryptography used to secure today's on...

Parallel Graph Analytics

Data-centric abstractions and execution strategies are needed to exploit parallelism in large-scale graph analytics.

A Survey of Robotic Musicianship

Reviewing the technologies that enable robot musicians to jam.

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