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Communications of the ACM

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Is Multicore Hardware for General-Purpose Parallel Processing Broken?

The current generation of general-purpose multicore hardware must be fixed to support more application domains and to...

small data, where n = me

Seeking personalized data-derived insights from analysis of our digital traces.

Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation

Changing an object's shape is a basic operation in computer graphics. Our goal is to make the design and control of d...

Speech-to-Speech Translations Stutter, But Researchers See Mellifluous Future

The practical need for accurate instant or simultaneous machine translations continues to grow as applications multiply.

World Without Wires

Capturing electricity from ambient RF transmissions can keep low-power applications off the grid.

Playing at Health

Developers try to tap the beneficial effects of video games.

Battery-Free Technology Brings Gesture Recognition to All Devices

University of Washington computer scientists have built a low-cost gesture recognition system that runs without batt...

Should Everybody Learn to Code?

Not everyone needs coding skills, but learning how to think like a programmer can be useful in many disciplines.

The making of HoTT book

A New Type of Mathematics?

New discoveries expand the scope of computer-assisted proofs of theorems.