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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Still Seeking the Optical Transistor

Optical information handling is a critical staple for communications and the Internet, but using light for computer-s...

Museums Go High-Tech with Digital Forensics

Scientists are using cutting-edge scanning and visualization techniques to wow visitors and find new stories in ancie...

Gradual Evolution

Dynamically typed languages adopt features of static typing to cope with growth.

Security Collapse in the HTTPS Market

Assessing legal and technical solutions to secure HTTPS.

Reading News with Maps by Exploiting Spatial Synonyms

Use this map query interface to search the world, even when not sure what information you seek.

Disrupting and Transforming the University

Higher education institutions must modify their business models in response to technology-driven influences.

Abstractions for Software-Defined Networks

New abstractions are critical for achieving SDN goals.

Online Deception in Social Media

The unknown and the invisible exploit the unwary and the uninformed for illicit financial gain and reputation damage.

The New Digital Medicine

Affordable, connected, personal medical devices are slowly changing the nature of health care.