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Notre Dame Researchers Develop System That Uses a Big Data Approach to Personalized Health Care

A representation of the intersection of healthcare and big data.

A new computer-aided method features a collaborative-filtering method that captures patient similarities and produces personalized risk profiles for individuals.

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University of Notre Dame researchers have developed Collaborative Assessment and Recommendation Engine (CARE), a computer-aided method that uses electronic medical records to provide rapid advances toward personalized health care, disease management, and wellness.

"Health care informatics and advanced analytics, or data science, may contribute to this shift from population-based evidence for health care decision-making to the fusion of population- and individual-based evidence in health care," says Notre Dame professor Nitesh V. Chawla.

CARE features a collaborative-filtering method that captures patient similarities and produces personalized disease risk profiles for individuals. The system uses big data science to generate predictions focused on other diseases that are based on big data from similar patients.

"We believe that our work can lead to reduced re-admission rates, improved quality of care ratings, and can demonstrate meaningful use, impact personal and population health, and push forward the discussion and impact on the patient-centered paradigm," Chawla says. He believes CARE can be an effective new method because of changes in health care, reimbursement, reform, meaningful use of electronic health care data, and a mandate for patient-centered outcomes.

"There is an increased focus on preventive care, well-being, and reducing re-admission rates in the hospital," Chawla says.

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